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Chronetic - Class in io.chronetic
Main entry point of Chronetic.
ChroneticAnalyzer - Class in io.chronetic
Runs the Jenetics engine to provide Chronotype solutions.
ChroneticBuilder - Class in io.chronetic
Allows custom configuration of the Chronetic instance.
ChronoAllele - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele
Represents an allele type of the ChronoGene.
ChronoBreeder - Class in io.chronetic.evolution
Breeds Chronotype solutions to produce Chronotype offspring.
ChronoBreeder(Chronetic) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.ChronoBreeder
ChronoDescriptor - Class in
Used to describe Chronotype solutions in a human-readable format.
ChronoFitness - Class in
I'm not sure how to explain what I did here.
ChronoFitness(Chronotype, double, double, double, Duration, BigDecimal) - Constructor for class
ChronoFrequency - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele
Represents the frequency at which timestamps are being collected.
ChronoFrequency(ChronoUnit, int, long, Instant) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoFrequency
ChronoFrequency(ChronoUnit, int, long, long, Instant) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoFrequency
ChronoFrequency(ChronoUnit, int, SummaryStatistics, Instant) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoFrequency
ChronoGene - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool
Represent a single gene in a Chronosome.
ChronoGene(ChronoAllele) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.ChronoGene
ChronoPattern - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele
Represents a single chronological pattern in time.
ChronoPattern(ChronoScaleUnit, int, int) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoPattern
ChronoRange - Class in
Represents the time range(s) that a given ChronoPattern sequences includes.
ChronoScale - Class in
Holds the minimum/maximum scale ChronoScaleUnits can take as well as the current enabled and disabled units.
ChronoScale() - Constructor for class
ChronoScaleUnit - Class in
Represents a single chronological unit and the minimum/maximum allotted units, the observed minimum/maximum units, and a set of distinct values observed.
ChronoSeries - Class in
Represents a series of timestamps produced by a single source.
Chronosome - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool
Represents a single time pattern of a ChronoSeries.
Chronosome(ISeq<ChronoGene>, ChronoSeries) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronosome
Chronotype - Class in io.chronetic.evolution.pool
Represents one-to-many time pattern(s) of a ChronoSeries.
Chronotype(ChronoSeries, ISeq<Chronosome>) - Constructor for class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronotype
compareTo(ChronoFitness) - Method in class
configure() - Static method in class io.chronetic.Chronetic
Create custom configured Chronetic instance.
containsTime(Instant) - Method in class
Determines whether the given timestamp is within this ChronoRange.
countDistinctChronoUnitAppearance(ChronoRange, ChronoUnit) - Method in class
Counts the distinct amount of appearances of the given ChronoUnit in this ChronoSeries using the given ChronoRange.
countEventsBetween(ChronoRange) - Method in class
Counts the number of time events that occur during the given ChronoRange.
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