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io.chronetic - package io.chronetic
This is the base package of the Chronetic library. - package
Contains classes related to the description, evaluation, and measurement of ChronoSeries data. - package
Contains classes used to describe Chronotype solutions. - package
Contains classes used to evaluate the fitness of a Chronotype. - package
Contains classes used to measure time series data.
io.chronetic.evolution - package io.chronetic.evolution
Contains classes used to evolve Chronotype solutions.
io.chronetic.evolution.pool - package io.chronetic.evolution.pool
Contains entities which are generated and compete in the gene pool.
io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele - package io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele
Contains the different types of alleles available to a ChronoGene.
isDisabled() - Method in class
isFullyConceptual() - Method in class
Determines if this ChronoRange only contains ChronoPattern(s) without temporal values.
isSameChronoRange(ChronoRange) - Method in class
Determines if this ChronoRange and the given ChronoRange overlap.
isValid(long) - Method in class
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoAllele
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoFrequency
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.allele.ChronoPattern
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.ChronoGene
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronosome
Chronosome is valid if: all the ChronoGenes are valid no duplicate genes no duplicate ChronoFrequency ChronoPatterns don't share temporal inclusions
isValid() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronotype
Chronotype is valid if: at least one Chronosome all Chronosomes are valid Chronosomes don't share temporal inclusions
isValidFitness() - Method in class
isValidRange() - Method in class
Returns validity of ChronoRange.
iterator() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronosome
Returns iterator over ChronoGenes(s) of this Chronosome.
iterator() - Method in class io.chronetic.evolution.pool.Chronotype
Returns iterator over Chronosome(s) of this Chronotype.
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